Smart measurement solutions for utilities

Smart measurement solutions for utilities

The time has come to manage water even more efficiently. Local governments and consumers now expect Utilities Companies to make the best use of this vital yet limited natural resource. Smart water metering is one of the key steps towards implementing more advanced technologies for utilities networks. Responding to market expectations and with nearly 30 years of experience in installation, reading, and billing of water meters, Metrona Polska has expanded its operations to include water meters dedicated to the utilities industry. Metrona uses water meters that are recognized in the European market with proven metrology, which, combined with innovative remote radio communication and data logging capabilities, forms a solid foundation for building a modern water supply network.

Metrona carries out installations, readings, and additional services through a network of branches all over Poland, thus offering technical support directly at the customer’s location.


All installation and reading tasks are supervised by an experienced team of Technicians. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our portfolio of offered products:

Water meters for utilities