Compliance Management System

„METRONA POLSKA POMIARY I ROZLICZENIA” sp. z o.o., in striving to implement the highest market standards from the beginning of April 2021, has introduced and developed the Compliance Management System. Caring for high standards, both in terms of the quality of our services and the manner of conducting business relations, is a key component of our company policy. The solutions we use are aimed at ensuring operations that maintain the law, ethics and accepted standards of conduct.

The Compliance Management System is based on the needs and specificity of the company operations. The solutions ensure balance and strive to eliminate potential risks in the conducted activities. The way to achieve the set goals is based on the Compliance Management System in the following areas:

– responsibility,

– avoiding conflicts of interest,

– relations with contractors, the community and the natural environment.

„METRONA POLSKA POMIARY I ROZLICZENIA” sp. z o.o. ensures that all employees use the legal regulations and ethical standards. The company also makes sure that its partners follow the adopted assumptions and jointly strive to ensure the quality of the offered services.

The introduced solutions safeguard good corporate governance and provide evidence that “METRONA POLSKA POMIARY I ROZLICZENIA sp. z o.o.” cares for the company’s reputation, its principles and the professionalism of its services.