METRONA POLSKA is, above all, people. This is our greatest capital and main asset. We appreciate their commitment to the development of the company and their daily duties.

We want our employees to develop their professional potential and be successful in every area of their lives.
We create conditions for their development through professional training to improve their professional and language skills.

We care about their health and work comfort.

Thanks to our position and presence on the market for almost 30 years, we are perceived as a stable and reliable employer.

Join us and develop your career at METRONA POLSKA!

The recruitment process at METRONA POLSKA usually starts when you submit your CV and consists of the following stages:

Analysis and selection of received applications.

The first contact between the HR Department and the selected candidates (usually by telephone).

Inviting the selected candidates for an interview.

Recruitment meeting with a representative of the Human Resources Department online or at a meeting at the company's headquarters.

Recruitment meeting with the future superior.

Both meetings are devoted to a detailed discussion of the your previous professional experience, professional plans and expectations related to the new workplace. It is also an opportunity to become acquainted with our company, our expectations and development opportunities.

Gain a job offer or feedback from the Human Resources Department (no later than 2 weeks after the recruitment meeting).

First and foremost - METRONA POLSKA means people. They are our greatest capital and main value.
That is why, as an Employer, we take care of the health and comfort of our Employees through a number of non-wage benefits.
We hope that the benefits offered to our Employees meet their expectations and affect their motivation to work.

We are happy to support you at work and wish you good luck in achieving your professional goals!


We care about the health of our Employees. Comprehensive private medical care guarantees our Employees prompt and professional assistance when needed.


We support the development of our Employees. We organize language courses not only according to the needs of the Employer, but also based on expectations of our Employees.


We also take care of the non-work life of our Employees. We offer the possibility to start and finish work at a time of your choice, between 07:30 and 09:00.


We take care of the physical fitness of our Employees. We offer access to a gym located in the Company's headquarters, where our Employees can indulge their sports passions before or after work, or during the weekend, or just relax.


We know how difficult it is to find a suitable parking space close to the company so we provide our Employees with a parking space for cars and bicycles, making the commute to work faster and easier.


We organize team-building meetings (special events, outdoor picnics, etc.) to integrate all our Employees, including those working outside the Company's headquarters.


We believe that efficient work tools are the basis of effective work so we provide our Employees with the latest computer equipment and modern work tools.


We care about the comfort of work of our Employees. We provide ergonomic, modern workstations, as well as air-conditioned rooms.


Our Employees appreciate the lack of dress code at the Company. Their daily attire depends primarily on comfort and convenience at work.


Coffee and tea in the office is, of course, a must for us and our Employees.

Job offers

Check who we are currently looking for:

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