Thanks to the use of heating cost allocators, approximately 20% of the thermal energy can be saved.

The rules of the Metrona Polska individual billing system.

The allocators installed in flats record the heat dissipation by the radiators. The readings of the allocators are used only to determine the portion of the individual user in the heat consumption costs of the entire building. In other words, after taking a reading, it is possible to determine differences in heat consumption between the occupants of the same building.

The mere information about the number of allocators read in one premises is not enough to calculate the heating costs. Only after comparing the value with the readings from the entire building can the individual heat consumption values be calculated. The billing procedure does not take into account physical energy units – the individual shares of the respective heat consumption is a dimensionless value.
The sum of the units read in a building that is characteristic for a given billing period does not provide information about the heat consumption. The building administrator obtains such information on the basis of the heat meter readings or the amount of fuel used.

The following formula shows the relevant elements of the individual billing of the heating costs:

Fixed costs – a portion of the heating costs of the building divided by a constant value, which is the area of the flats.

Consumption costs – the remaining portion of the building heating costs, divided according to a variable value, i.e. the readings of the allocators.

Reading in the premises – this reading contains the sum of the allocators’ readings, taking into account the location of each flat in the building.

The sum of the building readings – this sum includes the number of units read and estimated throughout the building.

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