Heat cost allocators

Telmetric star

  • Two-sensor measurement method
  • High sensitivity enabling use in low-temperature systems along with the feature of signalling detected faults, damage or tampering attempts
  • Maximum protection against tampering through the use of double security with a traditional mechanical seal and an electronic seal (saving the allocator opening date in the instrument’s memory)
  • Unique software enabling precise recognition of the heating period
  • Constant monitoring of the room temperature sensor, automatic switching to the single-sensor measuring method in the event of thermal disturbances (tampering attempts)
  • Automatic recognition of the radiator’s operation through static and dynamic measurement of the radiator and the room temperature
  • Programming with the use of bar codes that prevents errors
  • Automatic saving of the reading at the end of the programmed billing period
  • Saving of monthly readings, memory for 14 months
  • A control number system that eliminates the possibility of entering incorrect data into the TELMETRIC Star Datasheet system.