Smart Metering Solutions


Over 30 years’ experience in heat and water billing services

High-quality products and services

Accurate metering and billing

Environmental stewardship

Energy cost savings

Who we are?

We are experts in the field of meter installation, reading and billing services. We supply the technology for heat and water consumption data acquisition and processing.

Our smart, digital infrastructure forms the basis for metering, analysing and managing heat consumption, both in residential and commercial buildings.

The comprehensive range of METRONA POLSKA includes the delivery and installation of:

  • heat cost allocators
  • heat meters
  • water meters

We provide professional services in heat and water billing.

About us

The responsible use of energy and the natural environment, passed down from generation to generation, is the strong foundation of our business.

METRONA POLSKA Pomiary i Rozliczenia is a part of BRUNATA METRONA Group, which has been providing services to the real estate industry for over 70 years.

The entities of the group:


METRONA POLSKA  is a subsidiary of BRUNATA METRONA in Hürth, which has been offering high-quality services and metering instruments manufactured both in Poland and elsewhere in Europe for almost 30 years.

About the Metrona group in numbers:

Business Partners

What makes us stand out:


an experienced team. We are a reliable partner for housing cooperatives, housing associations and building administration, as well as for installers carrying out work for property developers.


the practical knowledge of our experts providing metering and billing services to our wide range of clients increases their trust in us.

Continuity of regulations:

in the event of changes in the laws and regulations, we efficiently adapt our metering and billing services to meet the current legal requirements.


our billing services are clear and transparent.


our billing services are adjusted to everyone’s needs and expectations.

Our Vision

You can only control things that are efficiently measured. We measure the building’s energy demand for heating and hot water. We divide the costs between the individual cost-generating entities. We bill the cost of utilities. We encourage everyone towards energy-efficient behaviour.

Working with METRONA POLSKA translates into climate protection, a better quality of life and future energy security – today it is more important than ever.

Our Goal

In our company, everything is centred around our clients, who build, maintain and manage the buildings. We know that they need a concept to maintain sustainable energy efficiency in their buildings.

Thanks to our extensive experience, knowledge of the realities of the Polish market and expertise in data management, we can be considered a coordinator of intelligent building management.

Our Values

We are a company with traditions. We think long-term and have clear values. The efficient use of resources is deeply rooted in our company DNA.

As for customer service, we focus on the highest quality standards.

Our organisational culture is based on honesty, respect and openness.

Our Mission

Climate protection, a secure future and a better quality of life.

Products and Services

High-quality TELMETRIC star, TELMETRIC plus and OPTRONIC allocators are used to divide the cost of heat, determined based on the building heat metering, between the individual occupants of multi-family residential buildings. The allocators provide precise metering of heat consumption, while the reading is quick and simple…

Heat meters are used to meter the amount of heat transferred by the flowing heating medium. We offer a full range of meters designed to meter heat in residential buildings as well as district heat substations…

A precondition for proper and precise water billing is the use of appropriate water meters in the system. The metering instruments we offer meet the highest requirements for metering water…

The time has come to manage water even more efficiently. Local governments and consumers now expect Utilities Companies to make the best use of this vital yet limited natural resource

The offer is addressed to building administrators. The scope of our service includes the installation and reading of meters, as well as billing the costs of heat and water consumption.

Our solutions shorten the time required to read meters and improve the monitoring of their operation. Remote reading with the use of radio instruments does not require access to apartments, houses and other premises to read the meters

Ready for the future in all the processes

Thanks to the modern and intelligent metering technology, METRONA POLSKA creates the basis for the electronic processing of consumption data. Remote reading of data related to water and heat consumption enables the transfer and processing of information in a timely and optimal manner. The remote-reading equipment we offer meets the requirements of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). METRONA POLSKA  enables the digitisation of processes.

METRONA POLSKA for the sake of the environment

Metrona, for the sake of the environment, enables you to give your instruments a second life through the process of instrument remanufacturing and re-calibration/validation.

This service is available for selected water meters and heat meters.


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